17.exe ~ Digital Art Show ~ 2nd May 2017 | Sa’ad Chaudhry
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Sa’ad Chaudhry

About me

I am a digital artist with skills in various software which I can mix and match to create projects which can be used in various media. Researching, learning and problem solving have now become second nature. I enjoy 3D modelling and website design immensely, surprising myself with the quality of work I have managed to produce with skills mainly learnt in my three years at uni. The future is exciting and scary but with the skills and experience I have gained I can work freelance or go into a career involving 3D modelling. Another avenue open will be to continue with my skill building and do further short courses. Here’s looking towards the next chapter!


Taj Mahal 2
pyramid of giza
hansel and gretal
Character scene
pac man