17.exe ~ Digital Art Show ~ 2nd May 2017 | Andrew Asiedu
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Andrew Asiedu

About Me

Hi my name is Andrew Asiedu from Fulham and I enjoy reading comic books, playing video games and watching films/cartoons.
I have studied Art & Design and Graphic Design in Kingston College then I join Ba Digital Art course. Reason I join this course was to improve more in my skills in Graphic Design by focusing doing it on computer using the same and different softwares rather than physically using different tools and materials. But also another reason was to be able to study 3D graphics using programs such as Cinema 4D or Maya which using them for the past three years was enjoyable and interesting to use.
Hopefully in the future I can improve and learn more in different 3D styles but also for my career I would like to able to do both in some form of advertisement or publishing.


CC Art
Head CA
N 1
N 2
poster AD 1.0